Very Long Sword Paddle - Kwila - 750mm, 455gm

Sold - Gone to a loving home in NSW.
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Handle length (mm):
Blade width (mm):
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Timber - secondary:
huon pine
Metal details:
Scandinavian oil

This is the second longest paddle I've ever made. (It's only one and a half centimetres behind first place so it was a close call) It's so long you could almost paddle two behinds at once!

You can certainly provide a pretty intense paddling with this toy. The long slender blade helps concentrate the sensation from each impact. For the ultimate thuddy impact feeling you can even use the fully rounded edges of the blade as the impact face.

The tip of the blade has been given a pointy profile to allow for some more sensual sensation play by running the tip gently across the skin.

Considering its length, the paddle feels surprisingly well balanced. This is achieved through the elongated handle which is most comfortable to hold well forward of the butt, and the subtly tapered blade which helps shift the centre of balance back towards the handle.

The paddle is made from kwila, which is found in Australia, and across South East Asia to East Africa. The line running through it is Huon pine from Tasmania. The three holes and other dot details are brass, and the paddle has a hand rubbed oil finish for a luxurious and silky smooth feel.

This paddle was created by Miss Emm here in Sydney's inner west, where the finest wooden kink toys are brought to life.