Alas I am not currently accepting new commissions and this is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future. If and when I am in a position to accept new commissioned work I will update this page and include the details in a newsletter. In the meantime the following information provides some food for thought for those interested in commissioning a new creation in due course.

I generally allow approximately 4-6 weeks from an agreed design through to a finished paddle or cane. For some timbers sourcing raw material may add to this time.

There will generally be a 25-50% premium for a commissioned piece when compared to a comparable paddle or cane made without a specific buyer in mind.

For those who have already designed the perfect paddle, cane, or even piece of furniture or something else made from timber in their head, I can work with you to bring your ideas to life. We can talk through timber choice, size, shape, style, inlays, features, finishes etc.

Don’t worry if you like the idea of commissioning a personalised item but haven’t got a particular design in mind. I can help you turn vague preferences into a design you’ll be proud of. Your input can be as much or as little as you desire. I have started with everything from detailed sketches to a request for 'something long and curvy'. 

You are more than welcome to use some of my previous creations as a starting point for your ideas. That said, I don't create exact replicas of my previous work, nor copy the work of others.

When it comes to timber choice, the availability of rare and unusual timbers varies considerably. There are very few specialist timber suppliers in Sydney, and much of their stock is of course imported from around the world. I do keep a stock of interesting Australian and exotic timber boards which I have specifically chosen for their suitability for paddle making.

The timber options for cane handles are wider than for paddles as pretty much anything suitable for paddle making will work for cane handles, and it is also easier to source small pieces of rare and unusual timbers suitable for cane handles. I’ll do my best to source any specific timbers to meet your request.

I'm more than happy to talk to you about your ideas and answer questions you may have about commissioned work.

Below are a few examples of my commissioned work.


A large Purpleheart cutlass/cleaver knife


This Purpleheart paddle was commissioned from an initial sketch I drew in my notebook at the final Sanctuary Fetish Market in April 2019. The request was for a large knife style paddle with a prominent hook at the back of the handle.

After finding a suitable piece of wood I drew up a design directly on the wood. We made a couple of design tweaks - mainly to add the front handle hook - and then I got to work with my saw, drill, handplanes, rasps and scrapers. The finished result is the largest and heaviest paddle I've ever made. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out, as is its new owner.

A matching set of paddle, cane, and earrings in New Guinea Rosewood


 A matching paddle, cane, loop, and pendant set in Purpleheart


An Australian Red Cedar paddle with an engraved metal plate embedded in the blade