Aaron, Ohio USA (March 2024)

Your work is so incredibly unique and gorgeous that it broadened my definition of what a paddle or cane could be. I have seen many paddles of different shapes and aesthetics, but your fluid shapes and inlay work are absolutely incredible. The ridges and fins that you design and execute are breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing them with the fetish community and on just a craftsperson level, bravo and thank you for the inspiration.

[A little note from Miss Emm - To learn that one's work is inspiring other creators is a truly uplifting experience. If a fellow artisan inspires your own creativity take a moment to let them know. Inspire your inspirer :) If you'd like to see some of Aaron's creativity check out his ETSY page AlpineImpact.]

Eyesopened, South Australia (May 2023)

Jarrah handled rattan cane owned by Eyesopened

This cane is exactly what I have been hunting for. Elegant, smooth and perfectly balanced in my hand. My partner doesn't want to give it back!


Miss-S, New Zealand (March 2023)

Kauri leaf style spanking paddle and kwila paddle with holes

I just thought I'd let you know the wee paddle has finally arrived! I have been so impatient these last 2 weeks. The pointy tip is such a wickedly delicious aspect, it is a stunning piece! I've named it Little Ted, to go with Big Ted. (Photo courtesy of Miss-S)


Hannah, New South Wales (May 2022)

Rattan and rock maple cane

The beautiful new cane arrived just now, OMG!!!

It's hard to provide enough adequate words to describe how breathtaking and what a work of art it is!

I hope this Michael Scott GIF will help portray what my face looked like when I opened the packaging. [Editors Note: I couldn't paste the GIF file in here so you'll just have to imagine an animated picture of a very happy face!]

After months of using crappy $15 canes from eBay that broke in single sessions, my sub (and I of course!) are very happy at the prospect of having something that is beautiful and won't splinter any longer.

Will be keeping an eye on your site for more for sure!! I would love to buy a thinner one next for some extra sting :)

Thank you again, I'm so happy!!!


Anon, New South Wales (January 2022)

Rattan and camphor laurel cane

Package received in good order. Absolutely fabulous, it is a work of art. The cane is flawlessly finished and has been beautifully finished, very well crafted.


Mike, Queensland (January 2022)

Wenge paddles and canes

I finally got to christen my last 2 orders!

The little bastinado cane is concentrated nastiness. The pane was an absolute pleasure to wield - felt near perfect in my hand and gave a beautiful variety of sensations as I changed the way I swung it. And the Twins were an instant hit. The Nice Twin just felt right and gave a beautiful impact, while being just enough lighter than my dagger paddle [see March 2021 testimonial below for picture] - although both are beautifully balanced- that I was able to keep the session hoping much longer, comfortably (for me anyway). The Wicked Twin started out having just that little extra bit of edge, that quickly became a burning bite, leaving the most wonderful lozenges of pale skin behind, surround by blushing red and a welted edge.


MissReRe, Victoria (November 2021)

Three rattan bdsm discipline canes with purpleheart, wenge and rengas handles.

I am absolutely over the moon and highly recommend. I'm grinning from ear to ear :) Thank you again! I am very much looking forward to putting them to use. (Photo courtesy of MissReRe)


BT, Arizona USA (November 2021)

Bdsm spanking paddle made from black walnut. Shown resting on a piece of black walnut timber alongside some whole and cracked walnuts.

Miss Emm, the paddle has arrived and it's as beautiful as it looked in the photos. More so! Thank you for the chocolate and wood sample as well. I very much like the finish on the wood. That's something I'll need to work on improving for my own creations.

Now for the classical debate of whether to display it on the wall or use it regularly :)


KiltedDrummer, NSW (November 2021)

Black walnut bdsm spanking paddle with eight lines of jute rope on one face and a smooth wooden surface on the other.


Even with the weight of the paddle and solidity, the handle makes it glide through the air with ease, the feeling of the thuddy-ness is felt through the handle and the thwack of the of the ropeless side is heard throughout the room. And then the rough edge of the rope being rubbed thoroughly on the affected areas made some more than enjoyable facial expressions.

Once again, thank you so much for making this idea come to life <3

KiltedDrummer (Fetlife) 


PunisherMN, Minnesota USA (November 2021)

Macassar ebony spanking paddle and rattan cane

I just got them in!

From the packaging, unwrapping (dual wrapping made it feel like a Christmas gift!) and the sheer exquisite build along with the note and raw samples and chocolate, just a fantastic experience!!!

I don't know what it is about Aussie craftswomanship/craftsmanship but this is the best paddle and cane I own period and I'm a very picky buyer. Like comparing mass market cheaply made consumer junk to a bespoke artisan crafted implement where you can feel the love and expertise just by holding them in your hand. The only other toys I own that compare are my two Michael Murphy 18 plait 5 layer kangaroo hide single tail whips.



Neko, South Australia (September 2021)

BDSM discipline cane - rattan & African padauk

I am over the moon with my new cane. You can tell it was made with care and great attention to detail. It made for a fun play session as it is beautifully weighted and sturdy with just enough flex to give it that extra impact. The rounded tip is wonderful for a different type of sensation. I look forward to adding more of these quality pieces to my collection!


DaBigEz, Victoria (August 2021)

Handmade bdsm discipline canes

 I received these absolutely beautiful additions to my collection from the workshop of the amazing emmjay. I cannot wait to put these wonderful canes to good use. (Photo courtesy of DaBigEz)


greygryffyn, Queensland (August 2021)

Uniquely styled Mackay cedar bdsm spanking paddle with brass details.

The paddle has arrived safe and sound, and it is truly beautiful! Feels amazingly light in the hand, and the detailing is subtly elegant. I will be purchasing from you again and recommending you to others.

Thank you for not only a gorgeous new implement, but a very pleasant purchasing experience.


Mitch, NSW (July 2021)

Brazilian bloodwood discipline cane and blackheart sassafras spanking paddle

Amazing pieces of art @emmjay. Perfectly hand crafted bloodwood cane, and blackheart sassafras paddle. Perfection is an understatement, which makes it very hard to use. They will be my go to implements from here on out. (Photo courtesy of Mitch)


Brett, Victoria (April 2021)

Rattan discipline loop cane and discipline cane

Hi I just opened them and they look great, thank you so much, and it’s also really cool knowing a bit about the types of wood used and the pack of pieces of wood, I really appreciated that it’s so cool.


Mike, Queensland (March 2021)

Commissioned wenge spanking paddle

I finally had a chance to christen this paddle last weekend. It was beautiful to use, balance and heft were spot on. And the sensation from the different sides were great. The bottom I was playing with loved it. 


Chris, Western Australia (July 2020)

Unique BDSM spanking toys - wooden paddle - by Australian fetish artisan Miss Emm

Hi emmjay :) 

I'm still having trouble articulating my joy on unwrapping the Tamo Ash parcel and even though the paddle tends to 'steal the show' that is for the matching pair both beautiful in their own right. 

I think the universe was guiding your hand when you shaped the handle of the paddle. After gingerly admiring it for quite some time, appreciating its shape and form and the amazing way the pattern of the grain seemed to change as it moved, I finally firmly took it in hand as if for its true purpose. 

Well it was a perfect fit. So comfortable and as if a continuing growth of the hand itself. It balances beautifully. When I can bring myself to risk it, it will be a delight to use 'for purpose'. 

A little larger or smaller or slightly different shape would still have worked fine, but somehow you created practical magic to compliment the magic of your visual imagination.

This piece of wood is so amazing and I absolutely could not be any happier with the way you have brought out its unique character. 

None of the vids or pics can do it justice. 

Amazingly as it moves and the light lands just-so, it plays with your eyes. It still has the look of folded steel, albeit honey blonde lol, and on the the working face when the light flashes on it the illusion of a true Damascus blade is startling. 

I still feel like I haven't described my delight adequately enough.

So many thank-you's 



Anu Aureus, New York USA (July 2020)

Camphor laurel spanking paddle created by Sydney fetish artisan Miss Emm

Miss Emm yet again granted me the opportunity to have another absolutely mind blowing piece added to my collection. I refuse to stop working with Miss Emm because, welp, just look at it.... I SAID ***** LOOK AT IT!!!! A cool lil detail that was tossed in was that it stands upright and retains a balance point for display (this is what u get when u let an artist do their thing btw). People gonna be sorry real quick... I won’t.... Miss Emm thanks a million times over, your work impresses us all.


Anu Aureus, New York USA (May 2020)

Collection of unique BDSM paddles and canes owned by Anu Aureus

Some of my favorite ouchie things. Miss Emm is out there killing the wood game. With my purchase I even got a lesson on different wood from all over the world and even weight in grams! Who even does that?! Got taken to school and received an amazing build. Thanks again. You hold a special place in my blackened heart. (Photo courtesy of Anu Aureus)


amanda, Ohio USA (December 2019)

Unique BDSM toy collection by Miss Emm - paddle, flat cane and two canes

Mistress MARIUS opened her gifts tonight. She was floored by the beauty of both the sassafras paddle and the canes! Thank you so much for the excellent products. The only thing left now is to try them out soon!

Merry Christmas



C, Canberra (June 2019)

Unique BDSM spanking toys - Rattan & New Guinea rosewood cane

My new cane arrived yesterday. Very impressive and beautifully crafted. I look forward to using it for the first time this weekend.


David H, Sydney (May 2019)

Purpleheart spanking paddle and two canes created as a matching set by fetish artisan Miss Emm

A pleasure to do business with. The craftmanship is only matched by the passion, warmth and experience emanating from Emmjay's words. Love our purpleheart paddle and canes with purpleheart features and will not hesitate to recommend Emmjay to any other enthusiast or practitioner alike.


Miss Bindikat, Melbourne (June 2019) 

Rattan BDSM spanking canes belonging to Miss Bindikat

I hope you’re well, and thank you for the delicious opportunity to have your cane in my hand. I’ve attached some images from the last purchase I made. By the way, I am thoroughly enjoying using your canes on slaves bottoms, and in training. Be well. (Photo courtesy of Miss Bindikat)

Miss Bindikat


Private admirer, USA (February 2019)

Unique BDSM spanking toys - Japanese cedar paddle

Thank you for shipping the gorgeous paddle. It’s really stunning, and quite fragrant (Japanese figured cedar)! The finish is so beautiful. It’s like a fine heirloom but new. I can’t wait to get another gorgeous paddle from you!


Hallows Eve, Sydney (October 2014)

Hallows Eve's Brazilwood and brass spanking paddle. Created by Miss Emm for one of her dearest friends.

Dear Miss Emm, I fell in love with one of your Paddles

So I have been meaning to write this for over a year. Every time I tried I would shy away not wanting to expose the fact I have emotions to the web.

Years ago I had a very good friend come to me and say she wanted to show me this idea she had. So interested in what she could have cooked up I told her to come over and show me.

From a bag she had wrapped in a sheet what is now the prototypes of her amazing wooden paddles. I remember asking what wood they were and why she picked them and and going into detail on which ones I liked and what I didn't but why. I remember her asking if I thought anyone would want them, at the time she didn't know I was already eyeing off half the collection.

So off she went with this idea, she showed many more people absorbing ideas and feedback. They went on a test run to a party for more user feedback. From here she took a leap of faith someone would love these creations as much as she did. Only that wasn't enough, she wanted to make them stylish, a talking piece something you wanted to show off. It became more than a paddle it was now a work of art that just happened to kiss many a bottom.

As the interest grew so did her need to make something new something different. So the cane with a piece of wood set into the handle was born. Making the humble cane something just a little different and soooo much easier to hold for long periods of time.

As these items found new loving homes others took their place. New themes, new ideas, new ways of turning the plain wooden paddle into its own style. They are to the point now I have had people come up to me naming the maker her style can spotted across the dungeon room.

One day I was over doing a little window shopping and in the pile of half finished paddles was something that caught my eye. It wasn't a paddle I wasn't normally drawn to yet the colours made me pick it up. Nothing had felt so right as that handle, the look, the feel...this was made for me. In my head I was walking out that door with it and no one was going to stop me.

As the time it wasn't finished. I was ok with it staying but I wasn't giving up, it went overseas, I was mostly ok with that as it never got sold. I had this crazy need to have this paddle because to me it was something special.

This paddle for me wasn't just a work of art, it was a statement of how far my friend had come, how much work and love had gone into each creation. It showed me that while I kept thinking she was peaking and could do no better she would just bring out something new. It humbled me as it showed with a little focus and a lot of passion you can make a moment in time with a piece of wood.

So I wrote to my friend and I told her how much it meant to me, I went on to explain why I thought I would be a good home for this creation. I wanted to keep that moment, I wanted to be able to show people something I saw as a work of art that my friend made.

I wanted one of her milestones.


Mistress Tara, Sydney (June 2012)

Malaysian Rosewood spanking paddle belonging to Mistress Tara
Extract from Mistress Tara's Newsletter...

When you play as much as I do, things break once in awhile, and so not long ago my beloved wooden paddle broke. Don't ask me how, I have no idea ;-) But I do know how much some of you enjoy specifically a wooden paddle; they feel different from a leather or rubber paddle.

So time to find a new one to add to my collection.

Amazingly, it turned out to be quite difficult to find one. I searched all of the major BDSM retailers and none of them had what I was looking for. Obviously I can order them overseas but a paddle needs to be held, and felt. The weight and finish of a paddle is important and buying from a picture just did not do it for me

After searching and asking around, I found a local (Sydney) artisan named Emmjay who makes the most amazing paddles. All of her pieces are made with love and care and it shows. There were so many to choose from, each individual and with it’s own story. However difficult I managed to make a choice.

My new paddle is made out of a solid single piece of Malaysian Rosewood, showing red heartwood and beige sapwood. It's big, it's heavy and packs a punch.

I also acquired something else, but more about that piece in my next newsletter.

Happy paddling!

Mistress Tara