Spanking Paddle - Huon Pine - 530mm, 230gm

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Danish oil
Huon pine
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A long, light, and beautifully elegant spanking paddle in Huon pine with wenge lines running through it. It is more of a stinging paddle than a thuddy one, although a spanking using the edge of the blade rather than the face will deliver a somewhat dull and thuddy sensation.

The paddle has brass handle and blade holes and has an oil finish for a silky smooth feel and soft sheen.

The mirror image picture (the sixth image above) is actually two photos edited together, one of each face. Other than small variations in the grain detail the two faces are essentially the same as the wenge lines run all the way through the Huon pine.

Huon pine is one of Australia's most famous timbers. It grows in Tasmania and is an incredibly slow growing tree. They increase in diameter by about 0.3 to 2mm per year and can life to 3000 years. Despite this very slow growth you can still clearly see the growth rings in this paddle if you look closely at the end of the handle, although you may need a magnifying glass.  


This handcrafted paddle was created by Miss Emm's workshop in Sydney's inner west, where the finest wooden kink toys are brought to life.