Paddles, canes, and floggers at the Studio Kink Impact Intensive

Paddles, canes, and floggers at the Studio Kink Impact Intensive

25 kinksters joined Mark and Aleni from Studio Kink on Saturday 31 October for their one day Impact Intensive workshop. 

To maintain social distancing requirements kinksters were split across two rooms with the presenters swapping rooms at lunchtime. Temperatures were taken on arrival and hand sanitiser was dispensed before everyone picked up any toys. It was impressive and reassuring to see how well Studio Kink's Covid plan was put into practice throughout the day.

Aleni's session covered floggers, canes, and an array of other impact toys as well as providing some excellent advice and insights into consent in the kink world. She gave some excellent demonstrations with her willing sub too. I joined Aleni's session to give a brief talk on (rather unsurprisingly) paddles and canes and gave attendees the chance to try their hand at snapping some short pieces of cane in their hands to discover just how strong it is.

Everyone had the opportunity to practice their flogging and caning techniques during the session. Never before have I heard the sound of 15 canes swooshing through the air simultaneously, and I have to say it is rather cool. 

I didn't get to watch the session run by Mark but the occasional happy squeals heard from down the corridor indicated the demonstrations were going very well.

During the lunch break people had the chance to peruse a selection of paddles and canes from yours truly and floggers from Mistress Jakki of Bad Ass Kink. Several decided to add some toys to their collection. Luckily the customer waiting room was not required :)

If you're new to impact play or would like to refine your skills and the thought of receiving insights from some of Sydney's most knowledgeable kinksters appeals to you keep an eye out for future Studio Kink impact play workshops.