Upcoming spanking demonstration at The Drum

Upcoming spanking demonstration at The Drum

I'm very excited to be holding my first demonstration of spanking with paddles this coming Sunday 10th March at The Drum. Host of The Drum, the always charming and delightful Miss Penelope Dreadful will be there to ensure an enjoyable evening is had by all.

The Drum is a monthly event which provides a peer space for femtops (being those who identify as fem/femme/gender queer) to get inspired, learn, play and practice, with a focus on impact play. It is also a space where subs can experiment with impact play in a supervised and supportive environment. The Drum is held at The Sanctuary from 6-9pm after the monthly Sanctuary fetish markets.

So why do some paddles feel thuddy and some feel stingy?
Does a paddle with holes in it make any difference?
What's the best shape and size for maximum ouchiness?

Come along to The Drum for a fun filled paddling demonstration, where we will answer all of these questions and more, with the help of Drum attendees, and science!*

Fem tops are welcome to try out a range of specially prepared demonstration paddles, and bottoms will have the chance to experience them. As always the Drum welcomes BYOP too.

*Based on the Flat Earth Society definition of the word science :)