Upcoming FEMSHARE paddling workshop - Monday 6 Jan @ 6pm

Upcoming FEMSHARE paddling workshop - Monday 6 Jan @ 6pm

I am very excited to be hosting a paddling workshop at FEMSHARE this Monday evening, located at Our Secret Spot in Annandale. Dominatrix Miss Grace will be presenting The Affect of Effective Restraint as well so it is sure to be a most enjoyable and educational evening.

The Theory Behind the Thud
So why do some paddles feel thuddy and some feel stingy?
Does a paddle with holes in it make any difference?
What's the best shape and size for maximum ouchiness?
What are the best ways to leave marks, and the best ways to avoid them?

Join us for a fun filled paddling demonstration, where we will answer all of these questions and more, with the help of FEMSHARE attendees, and science!

Tops are welcome to try out a range of specially prepared demonstration paddles, and bottoms will have the chance to experience them. FEMSHARE welcomes BYOP too.

Miss Grace on The Affect of Effective Restraint
Delve into the intricacies of impactful bondage scene construction, effective communication, and consent. With a particular focus on rope, this workshop is suitable for anyone intending to participate in more considered, intensive bondage from fledgling mistress to seasoned veteran of debauchery. 

The Affect of Effective Restraint is firmly grounded in a paradigm of accessibility and inclusiveness, considering diverse bodies, identities and relationships to kink.

About Miss Grace

Working dominatrix; inquisitive mind; authentic sadist; disarming genderfunk.


FEMSHARE is a peer-to-peer skillshare and networking space for women, those presenting as women, and those with lived experience as a woman. Transgender and Non-binary genders welcome! If you want to make sure this space is right for you, please don't hesitate to send a message to FEMSHARE. Contact links are below.


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