Upcoming FEMSHARE workshop on canes - Monday 2 March @ 6pm

Upcoming FEMSHARE workshop on canes - Monday 2 March @ 6pm

I am very excited to be hosting my second FEMSHARE workshop this coming Monday evening the 2nd of March at 6pm, located at Our Secret Spot in Annandale. 

Canes - The Science of Sting

What are good canes made from?

What’s the ideal length, diameter, and bendiness?

How do you cane someone safely?

What sensations can a cane provide?

Join us for a fun filled workshop on caning with confidence and stinging in style, where we will discuss all of these questions and more. Tops are welcome to try out a range of specially prepared demonstration canes and bottoms will have the opportunity to experience them. A demo cushion will also be available to try your caning skills on. Femshare welcomes BYOC too.

Femshare attendees range from experienced players to those new to kink. 


FEMSHARE is a peer-to-peer skillshare and networking space for women, those presenting as women, and those with lived experience as a woman. Transgender and Non-binary genders welcome! If you want to make sure this space is right for you, please don't hesitate to send a message to FEMSHARE. Contact links are below.


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